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It is my recommendation that if you are considering purchasing memorabilia as a quick gift with no knowledge of the industry, it is better to go with a different type of gift. Company website run by crooks outside USA pretending to be in USA to get USA money taking your hard-earned dollars funneling it to the country of Peru, Better Business Bureau of South Florida BBB of South Florida Andre Amaro and the BBB of South Florida are harassing me and my small business! Our in-house sports memorabilia expert gives you five factors to help you determine the authenticity of the autograph on your sports memorabilia. Celebrity Skin Cream wrinkle cream rip-off advertisements US Based and Foreign companies bilked consumers out of Hundreds of Millions of dollars over the past 7 years. What you may not know is the problem is probably worse when it comes to entertainment autographs, especially of modern movie stars. Copyright 1997-2023 Ripoff Report. They are posters that were printed (usually from the original plates) well after the films release. Sign up to receive periodic exclusive offers only available to subscribers. I also recently bought a US one sheet for Last Night in Soho from an eBay seller, so you can still get bargains there. A Goodfellas screenplay signed by Martin Scorsese and other stars in the movie is a very rare collectible. $79.98. We Ship FREE Worldwide. Yes, there ARE double sided bootlegs out there!! Bogus Celebrity Advertisements FACE & Skin CREAM Ripoff! If the background told by the seller starts having holes, then you should start being skeptical. What you may not know is the problem is probably worse when it comes to entertainment autographs, especially of modern movie stars. There are also some other differences between the fake and original (this info. Gotta check that site out soon! Would I buy from them again? Yes, these items can be found in your local poster shop! On the opposite side of this thinking, consider the fraudsters intentions they are looking to make the most money from their scam. They are a tangible piece of history and can serve as a reminder of the artist or event that they represent. All rights reserved. How do I know my autographed poster is authentic? . You, as a novice, are looking to buy a LeBron James autographed photo for a friend, relative, son/daughter or even yourself. Hey dolls! is owned and operated by M2N Limited, The style A bootleg will have a small hair on Lukes belt, the style B bootleg will be missing the GAU logo, and the Style C bootleg will have a small hair on Leias back. Repackaged from Purchased from Amazon, stealing all certifications and false manufacturing markers from the packaging of NB food supplements. The thieves in Rochester have also started selling them for Buy it Now $75.00. In addition to major credit cards and PayPal, we are pleased to offer the buy now, pay later service Sezzle. They posted photos of a licensed and genuine replica Reebok Premier San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski jersey purchased at the Sharks Store next to the "authentic" Premier jersey just bought from Yass queens! We don't sell re-prints of authentically signed posters the posters have been examined and are certified authentic originals. It was originally acquired about 6-7 years ago on ebay from a known fake/repro seller in Oklahoma. They even have a wide range, from classics going back as far as the 1970sthink The Godfather and Taxi Driverto todays epic superhero movies. There is still a viable business to be made from purchasing an item that typically hovers around $1,000 for $800 and selling it for $1,100, but purchasing it for $100 is very unlikely to happen. Ive bought a poster from PM myself and I agree with everything youve said! on Is Legit? What is a Restrike? Sign up to receive periodic exclusive offers only available to subscribers. Since many of these bootlegs have been around now for quite a few years, some are now starting to be sold again on ebay from the original duped buyers. Separating a theater room from a large living room area. The scam website was built by 2 shady dealers from Rochester (Tom and Ed) with the help of another dishonest dealer in Oklahoma (Rick). We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all items. Amazing! I though well its a 100% refundable. Why the extra +, you might ask? We take pride in sourcing our posters from reputable and reliable sources, and have strict authentication processes in place to ensure that every item we sell is genuine. When you buy one of our posters, you're not only getting a piece of movie and music history, you're getting a one of a kind investment, unparalleled customer service, fast shipping and a certified authentic autographed poster that will increase in value over time. You should note, however, that shipping expenses for the return lie solely on the customer. But even without it, I still would believe that this was, 100%, signed by Daft Punk. ranks 35th among Posters sites. 15% restocking fees apply on change of mind returns. AUTHENTIC POSTERS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR, FREE. Though Im a successful financier on Wall Street, collecting movie posters is my passion in life. Real Pulp Fiction advances do not have this stamp. If you actively collect sports autographs, you know that fakes are a huge problem. Estimated amount consumers saved since 1997: $15,590,010,907. Oh, and if youre asking if the autographs are legit, I believe they are. Their ebay feedback is great because buyers do not know they have been ripped off (until it is too late). If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to authentic memorabilia, look no further than Also come across a couple of others. We also used Adobe Illustrator to create stylish badge logo. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Our commitment to authenticity and quality sets us apart in the world of autographed memorabilia, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service and professionalism. I had to put up with waiting for it for around two-and-a-half weeks until I got it. Forged Cuts: How Crooks Spun Pieces of Paper into Gold. The Casual/Collector seller is not a full-time seller, but is likely looking to move something out of their collection to obtain funds for something else or they are looking to get out of the hobby entirely. It really was the Avengers: Endgame poster. At Poster Memorabilia, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional shopping experience to our discerning customers. From the Operation Bullpen author Kevin Nelson comes the latest installment on celebrity and historic and political forgeries. Also, the company, Poster Memorabilia, attached a certificate of authenticity to prove that the autographs are, in fact, legit. A big question that now may be asked is: what about authentication (often when talking about autographs)? I think I like, All the wait was worth it with Dirty Dancing. Confirmation of such details is crucial but again, I stress that the background should be secondary to the item itself. Well, Poster Memorabilia is selling a truly jaw-dropping poster signed by the entire cast which comes framed with a certificate of authenticity. This service is currently available to customers in the USA and Canada, and allows you to split your purchase into interest-free installments. If you ask any reputable poster dealer or poster expert that has had the opportunity to closely examine them, they will tell you these are not original movie posters. Now, as a novice, you are unknowingly deciding between an authentic item and a forgery how can you make the right choice? Twenty One Pilots Signed Autograph 18x24 Concert Tour Poster Columbus Oh W/ - JSA Certified - Music Posters . Dont click on those slick Ads! In stock. I had a hard time . The reason they appear so real is because they were printed from the same plates as the originals, only it was done over 10 years later in the late 1980s! Usually MANY years after. Although niche groups (particularly on resources such as Facebook) do exist for specific item types such as collectors of a specific band or sports team, more general communities can be found that have members with skills and experience that are more wide ranging. It makes them appear more authentic if they are folded. Spend over $499.95 and receive a free $300 GIFT CARD. From left, George H.W. There are very subtle differences, you have to know what to look for or you can easily be fooled. What are your posters worth? With a little detective work outside of Ebay you can easily find out exactly who they are. Ive memorized every stroke of their autographs and Im confident this is legit! Usually it's just one or two of the biggest stars and maybe the director, not entire casts. These books are authorized by Lucasfilm. I wasnt sure at the beginning if they they were fake, or simply autopen so I ordered their latest Avengers: Endgame poster and heres what I uncovered. If you're shopping for one, use extreme caution because more than likely you're about to be burned. There are plenty of older posters that have survived in this condition. But even before that, they always updated me via email on when I should expect it. Beatles Memorabilia Reference Guide. Because when you buy one of our posters, you're not only getting a piece of movie and music history, you're getting a one of a kind investment, unparalleled customer service, fast shipping and a certified authentic autographed poster that will increase in value over time. There is no way for anyone to prove they are fake, so they will be able to continue selling them. Coca-Cola 50th Anniversary Cardboard Poster . They measure a full 27x41 but most you will find are restrikes. They appreciate over time because there is always someone willing to pay more money than you did. Seeing an item offered as a Woodrow Wilson signed letter that consists of a bright white sheet of paper with a felt tip pen signature should immediately tell you all that you need to know about the authenticity of the item. The following are indicators that you can expect to learn and use throughout your time in the hobby. A good example of this is the U.S. Halloween lobby card set. But then, I looked at the autographs which were clearly signed with REAL ink. Beware of Manhattan style B Bridge rolled one sheets. I researched what the actors autographs look like online and they match pretty well with what I see on the poster. Society, in terms of product offerings, has become so transparent and easy to follow that dedicated collectors will surely be able to spot a desirable item and attempt to buy it so quickly that you may not even know it was ever offered. Can anyone confirm whether these sites are legit? Please note that your chosen frames have to be proportionate to the posters, as wrongly-fitting frames can also damage and decrease the worth of your memorabilia. Well, I think they are! And the fact that this one was signed by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere themselves? What about red carpet premieres in Hollywood? Still, I laid it out on my coffee table and looked at it. In a general transaction, practicing caution and skepticism towards items will only help deter the possibility of you being a victim of fraud. All items come with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity that has been authenticated with dual matching holograms so there's never any doubt about its authenticity. JavaScript is disabled. Reply AlanJonesDom . Heck, I dont even know what they look like under those damn chrome helmets. Since 2004, we have been providing our customers with certified authentic Movie, TV and Music Posters. View ratings trends See all photos Sitejabber's sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses Two of the photos that accompany this article are historical in nature a portrait of the five presidents who gathered for the opening of the Richard Nixon presidential library in 1990 (similar to the recent opening of the George W. Bush library in Texas, in which Carter and George H.W. Of all the commonly sold autographed items on the market, cast autographed movie . Before it was rebuilt Lynda had to go back to the States to start filming Wonder Woman. We believe that our payment options should be as flexible as our merchandise, and we are committed to helping you find the perfect solution for your needs. Some of these bootlegs have been around SINCE THE LATE 1980S..FOR OVER 20 YEARS! Samsung UE65AU9007- Xbox Series X - Elite 2 - Yamaha YAS105BLB, Authentic Autographed Movie, TV and Music Posters From Hollywood, - Original Movie Posters | Cinema Posters | Film Posters | Quad Posters, Can I be sure this Cinema Poster is Authentic? They specialize in signed movie posters, ranging from MCU and DCEU films to even classics like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction. And, as youve probably already surmised, they also have a great collection of music posters too. For example, since the release of Bohemian Rhapsody in late 2018, a plethora of Queen and Freddie Mercury forged signatures have been released into the market to try to meet the demand of collectors and fans. Certified authentic posters also come with a certificate of authenticity, which serves as proof of the item's authenticity and can be used to verify the item's authenticity in the future. As part of our commitment to transparency and clarity, we invite you to visit our terms of service page, where you can learn more about our policies and procedures here:Terms of Service. I really appreciated that. As with any introduction, being polite and straightforward with intentions helps create understanding from the beginning. And guess what -- entire movie casts almost NEVER show up together. Yeah, I know at this time I really shouldnt shop for anything frivolous or whatever but its my money! In terms of private sellers however, there are three different types that you are likely to encounter when searching for memorabilia: The One-Off seller is likely to know little to nothing about memorabilia and has a random item that they are looking to sell (an item may be handed down to them or randomly obtained, among other possibilities). When I see all these cast autographed movie posters on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere neatly signed, signatures perfectly spaced in the same color pen, I almost don't even need to look at the signatures to know they're fake autographed movie posters. The box kept everything secure and was sealed enough to protect my treasure inside. Its something I always wanted but didnt want scammed. Some of the ones you see are from sellers who honestly dont know they are not original, BUT THERE ARE A FEW BAD GUYS who know exactly what they have! All rights reserved. All we can say is beware of certain dealers. Marketplaces that allow anyone to post items without any screening act as havens for peddlers of forgeries and counterfeits, and should be avoided. Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. If I have any complaints at all, it'd only be that the frame is a little too heavy. Overview has a consumer rating of 1.62 stars from 29 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Beware of minty white lobby card sets from popular titles from the 70s and 80s (see list above). They went so far as to give proof of their legitimacy. Beware of FOLDED fake TAXI DRIVER one sheets. Unfortunately, even rare collectibles can be frauds. The FBI, which gave all these images to me when I was doing research for my book, Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History, confiscated it before it could reach the marketplace. Sports Memorabilia Artwork Posters & Pictures for Office Room & Man Cave Walls. These are some of the best bootlegs out there! As we said above, many of the fakes come from Rochester N.Y. and from Oklahoma. 99% of orders ship SAME or NEXT business day. Cant wait to grow my collection with them! Perhaps what I like most about this store is that they seem to care a lot about the customer. Some of these forgeries originated years ago with the Operation Bullpen ring, and some are the work of more contemporary crooks. A respecter dealer who has been in business for some time will have already developed a reputation from the memorabilia community by the time you are considering buying something from them. All are supposedly signed by cast members all, in fact, are forged which, to me, suggests the truly astonishing degree of self-deception or just plain ignorance that some people show when buying pieces of this sort. Corporate Advocacy Program: How to repair your business reputation. The final indicator that will be covered is the seller. I searched online and found a blog that said they were reprints or autopen. There are a couple of clear acid-free plastic materials that are commonly used for archival storage of movie posters; Polyethylene, and Polyester. . 95% Of Cast Autographed Movie Posters Are Fake. Obviously, there is great demand, and therefore strong incentive to commit fraud. Poster Memorabilia even provided a certificate of authenticity too! Someone brought it to our attention and after a little investigating we found out where it originated from. They are restrikes from the early 1990s. Mike Kaminski is the founder of the Authentic Memorabilia Company, which has quickly become one of Canadas largest providers of authentic sports, entertainment and historical memorabilia. The tagline for the site it "Leaders in Autographed Posters." This is not false advertising. Remember that if it looks fraudulent or questionable, it probably is. These minty whites are constantly available from the same sellers for about $70.00 to $100.00. Look out for lightly folded Star Wars style A, B, and C full size 27x41 one sheets. This entire post may seem like one whole marketing ploy forPoster Memorabiliabut I cant help it! So a cloth placed under the black light will shine if it is a newer item but an item in WW II era . In addition to the recommended practices outlined in the previous seller types, the best course of action to take when working with dealers is to do a deep dive on their history and reputation. IN 3 WEEKS THEY SENT 3 OF MY RECIPIENTS DEAD FROZEN TINY BOUQUETS calgary, Ponce motors Deceptive car sales Austin Texas, Nextiva efax overcharged me for an entire year even before the monthly trial expired able to use the service at all. Anything outside that is fake. People are sick and tired of getting ripped off by shady dealers! 12.7K followers. Everything matched and was legit. Movie posters can be found at flea markets, garage sales, local poster shops, and especially on the internet and on eBay. In fairness, you did drum up some valid points. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. None of the following items are legitimate 1960's posters. Most fraudsters will choose to put out items that have the least cost of initial investment to them. NEVER use glass! My friend bought one from there a couple of weeks ago. Like, I cant believe it! Is the poster I have acquired an original and not a fake? At Poster Memorabilia, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a seamless and convenient payment experience. There are also fake minty white 14x36 insert movie posters for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi (see below). Authentic Autographs, NOT reprints. To door or not to door? Below are a list of the most common questions and answers. Selling FAKE cast signed posters with fake COA's BEWARE!!! AAA Vintage - The Largest Collection of Vintage Posters (714) 330-1566 AAA Vintage Posters offers one of the largest collections of Original Vintage Poster Artwork in the world. They were real, and their prices were good. Brand: Hollywood Memorabilia $ 3,635. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. The website does put up an estimated time of delivery, but even then, I wasnt so sure about it. You first analyze the signatures and the item itself, feeling comfortable so far with what you see. If a photo, album or poster is filled with multiple signatures and it seems to good to be true, it probably is. And Richard Gere? (Editors note: This is the latest in our series on the notorious Operation Bullpen forgery ring and the lingering damage it did to the collecting hobby.). Asking more questions should help you get a better understanding of the background of the item. The Professor claims to be a former NSS employee with inside knowledge about movie posters. So where are the actors and actresses when a movie's posters are first released? The idea that Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson and Uma Thurman or the cast of any major movie (or for that matter, the Beatles) would be sitting around together signing photos and posters and that these posters would be on sale, for cheap, on the Internet is simply goofy. Forged Cuts: How Crooks Spun Pieces of Paper into Gold. These thieves are buying a cheap $10.00 reproduction poster, folding it, and then selling it for $170.00 or more. PSA is the world's leading third-party authentication service for autographs and memorabilia. Although there are no official or researched numbers on what percentage of memorabilia in the open market is fake (numbers anywhere from 5% to 90% for different types of memorabilia are loosely thrown around with little backing) you must treat every purchase with the knowledge that a forgery or counterfeit is a very real possibility. The star probably will grab the first pen he or she sees, and scribble with it for a while, then walk away. Additionally, certified authentic posters often hold more value than non-certified items. I read previously on Reddit that it was a fake with Linda Carters head on. Also comms is important. They Dont come for my wig! Our prices do not include VAT, neither are we responsible for the payment of VAT. All acid free materials should be read more, Linen backing can dramatically improve the overall appearance of a poster and it can substantially increase its value. West Palm Beach Florida, Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mavis Tire & Brake Charged Nearly $700 for Non-Fix Bay City Michigan, Lighting New York lighting by Jared Sent damaged product wont refund after I sent back damaged product website description is fake, Tara U THEY SCAM THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WITH THEIR FLOWER ORDERS. But even without it, I still would believe that this was, 100%, signed by Daft Punk. 585 posts. I did, however, buy an autographed poster of theirs from a website calledPoster Memorabilia. When I opened the thick tube, I knew I had something special. Of course I would. It was not minty white, was not glossy on both sides, and the printing was fantastic. The first photo you examined comes from when LeBron James walked into an office where he was contracted to sign two hundred photos for a memorabilia company, which he happily did. So visit my website today and experience for yourself some of the most extraordinary historical autograph memorabilia that makes others so envious. So, with my own network of fellow collectors around the world, I started this site to help you fellow hardcore movie fans to find out which websites and stores are worth checking out! We do our best to provide as many options as possible to have as many customers as possible. Look out for double sided reproduction/fake one sheets of some current titles including: Spiderman (recalled Twin Towers style), The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars Phantom Menace Episode 1 Teaser. Its a fake. Spend over $499.95 and receive a free $300 GIFT CARD. I don't like you, no one else has answered you. I hope this basic guide has served as a good overview on how to operate within a great hobby. I, of course, love the chick flicks and the ultimate is forever, "Pretty Woman." The bad guys had a rubber PROPERTY OF MIRAMAX FILMS stamp made and take the common $8.99 reproduction poster and stamp the back of it to make it appear authentic. Powered by Xenforo, Hosted by Nimbus Hosting, Original design Critical Media Ltd. I got the poster from this site called Poster Memorabilia. I wasnt sure about the site myself but when I read your blog, it piqued my interest. Items that are sitting on marketplaces for $100 when an authentic comparable is known to sell for hundreds or thousands more should be a clear indicator of what the general collecting community thinks of the authenticity if the consensus were that an underpriced item on a popular platform was authentic, it would be purchased rather quickly. To provide yourself with a proper basis to work from, you will need to compile a grouping of unquestionably authentic items to compare to. Now there is that old saying "If someone sounds too good to be true, it probably is". Hey! Finally, we come to the category of seller that I fall under: Dealer. The actors are on to their next project or filming their TV show or relaxing at home. Copyright 2000-2023 M2N Limited E. & O.E. If you actively collect sports autographs, you know that fakes are a huge problem. Please note, we won't share or sell your email. Its my prize possession! Beware of Friday the 13th one sheets that measure 27x40 and not a full 27x41. It looked so cool, so sleek, and badass that I admittedly almost wet myself. There were NO U.S. lobby cards produced for this movie, so someone in Rochester, N.Y. decided to make their own!! Sometimes they were authorized by the studio, sometimes they werent. 0 following. As a final disclosure on sellers, I would like to add that all three types of sellers are prone to making an honest mistake. The company has a domestic and international presence in both retail and wholesale markets.. Remember the Titans Fake 23 Blast with a Backside George Reverse . The paper has aged!! These communities are always home to knowledgeable collectors that are likely to have experienced the initial learning curve that you are going through. They are restrikes from the early 1990s. You are using an out of date browser. 3. The Grammy Award-winning helmet-wearing icons who, for me, redefined house and EDM in the 21st century. Thanks to that, I was able to ensure I was home when the time came. If requested,we always provide a Letter of Authenticity. The price is in around what you expected to pay, so you reach out to the seller to ask how the item was obtained. I've found many sites to buy memorabilia from, but prices vary greatly and I'm not sure which sites to trust. that shit is priceless!!! Will we buy your posters? However I'm trying to deck out my basement with my favorite movie posters signed by cast and directors. its the exact same one I saw that was hung on the theatre walls during all three times that I saw the film. That is a topic completely deserving of its own article, which can be found here. As a result, there are likely no signs to spot about their sales history or reputation to help with authenticity. Frauds and scammers tend to omit certain information to avoid being traced. Some are accessible, some are not, but even there, some or even most of the cast may attend. Buyers of cast-signed posters such as this one of The Godfather apparently believe that the stars of the movie came together as a group to autograph it. The two beauties in swimwear that reflect 1886 and 1936 are shown in strong, vivid color that has not faded over the years. These fakes were first documented in The Tomarts Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles..back in 1997!!! Print this Report Email this Report Tweet Business Rating: Rate this business Tell us has your experience with this business or person been good? They aren't hanging out together somewhere, conveniently waiting to be approached by autograph dealers with posters. As bureaucratic as it may sound, the memorabilia hobby should be viewed first and foremost as an industry with members whose primary goal is profit making. I was kinda nervous that it might be a reprint but it also has a slightly faded quality to it that I know its from the 90s! So crazy, right? Glass can stick to read more, This exquisite Box Set includes stunning images of Anna May Wong, Gene Tierney, Ann Sheridan, Gilbert Roland, Jascha Heifetz, Joan read more, The Advance One Sheet for PULP FICTION was recalled due to a dispute with Lucky Strike (a Lucky Strike cigarette read more, This poster along with the Star Wars style A are the most copied, commemorated, and counterfeited movie posters in history.

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