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lilac rabbit for sale near illinois Call Dennis 309 370-7416 if you have any questions. Multiple Specialty Show BISs -Himalayans. 6303836162, Carolyne Jimenez We just started raising bunnies. French Bulldog, Florida Mayo $150 Flemish Giant Due to allergies, we have to find another home for him. Giant Chinchillas It breaks my heart but I need to find her a good home.View Detail, Here is another rabbit we have for sale that is also pretty good with being held but I don't know the sex of this one either. Please call to make an appointment to view our process and available stock! Champagne dArgent and Satin She has a calm temperament and is very friendly. Once we got started we realized we all enjoyed it. Black 1yr old silver fox rare breed 2 . 1 buck for $90View Detail, This is white and black with blue eyes 6 month bunny. The staff at these places are more likely to have more knowledge and insight about rabbit care than pet store staff. The Self Color Group: Blue Eyed White, Red Eyed White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, & Lilac. Fed premium pellets and hay (217)494-0807, William Marke Located in Chillicothe, IL, 20 Miles North of Peoria. Member Harlequin Club T@r Rabbitry A reputable breeder will never try to sell you rabbits in poor health as they not only love their rabbits but they value their reputation in the rabbit breeding community. AVON, Illinois We are a small rabbitry with one goal in mind. We also have some Tans in our barn because I am still a fan of the small rabbits as well. Quad Cities, Illinois He is almost 6 years old. Aimee Rabbitry Jersey Wooly When choosing a pair of rabbits, male-female pairings work well but remember to make sure they are sterilized after four to six months unless you want a rapidly expanding bunny family. I feel bad all she does is sit in her cage. ., Ethan Martindale There are many reputable rabbit breeders across the United States. Greenville, IL . American Fuzzy Lop Locate rabbits for sale in Aurora, Chicago, Joliet, Naperville, Peoria, Springfield and many other cities across the state of Illinois using our classifieds., Brandi Pessman Joni Rester Rabbits Decatur We have 0 Volkswagen Rabbit vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 0 1-Owner cars, and 3 personal use cars. Californians and Silver Martens (all colors) They get daily handling from myself Rabbits for Sale 68 Views $65 Details 1 - Mixed Breed Rabbit, Sabrina Barry (309)212-7276, Michael Walkup You will need sturdy terracotta food bowls, a water bottle or bowl, a litter box and an abundance of chew toys. Male goes by Chips and is mostly white and broken brown spots. She is about 1.5 years oldBuy Now. I breed for fun and good quality! Amigurumi Rabbitry We are located in Hanna city Il. (618)314-2917, Scott Schumacher We specializing in Jersey Wooly rabbits. Mendota, IL Before getting started, its important to have some basic knowledge about rabbits and their health and care needs. Small rabbitry in the metro St. Louis area selling rabbits for breeding, meat and pets. Come take a look! (217)617-5627, Rob and Melodie Gabel GEERTSRABBITRY English Lops, Mixed Breeds, Commercial rabbits, French Lops We are a small, family-run rabbitry located in Plainfield Illinois, a suburb 45 minutes west of Chicago. We have an outstanding rabbits available most times of the year in both French Lops and Rex. Champagnes You can also find me on Facebook. (217)273-8231, Jill Hackett They are in a controlled 70* environment year round. He does not like to get along with other rabbits. Bred with love and care. Read below for each puppy description. Country Lops I plan of having more available the middle of August. Located in central Illinois. Harlequin, Satin, Red New Zealand Greenes Garden Things Rabbits Wauconda, Illinois Has initials tated on ear. 7 weeks old. I started out with the best show quality rabbits I could find in both breeds.I will have more does coming due starting this month jan 2012. Raising Mini Rex in several colors Black, Broken, Himi, Seal, Tortoise, Otter(Black), Red & Sable Point. French Angora, Satin Angora, Giant Angora We are a Small scale farm that raises healthy happy rabbits for 4h and pets. Generally speaking, when you buy a rabbit from an animal shelter or a rescue you can expect to pay less than you would from a pet store or a breeder. Northern Illinois Dutch Rabbitry Browns Bunny Barn (618)610-8906, Mary Henry Mixed. RM Rabbitry Lake County, IL All of our rabbits are handled from a young age. Lionheads Please let us know if you have any questions we would be more than happy to provide you with a quality and lovely Jersey Wooly rabbit Netherland Dwarfs We have found the American Chinchilla to be a very enjoyable breed to raise due to their beauty and docile nature. I have a 9 hole of mini rex, 9 hole of woolies, and an 8 hole of mini lops. 8159011280, Twila Coffey We are not yet members of ARBA but we are registered with IAGARB (#IL-19) for our German Angoras. (217)671-4789, Tina Woolum (309)370-7416, Karah Thomas Iuka, Illinois Mill Road Rabbitry Clean, happy, healthy. Lazy Haley J. Rabbitry Centralia, Illinois So before you purchase your new pet rabbit, remember to include the ongoing costs into your budget. Lionheads pets but can be used for feeding to other animals. Rabbit adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Rabbit a second chance and caring environment. Activity - Low. We are a medium size rabbitry and often have a wonderful assortment of colored new zealand rabbits to choose from. Mixes with checkered giant, and havana? We are a small rabbitry, located in west-central Illinois. Chatham, Illinois Mini Rex Over 4 weeks ago on Zabrans Bunny Barn First set of immunizations done. Origin - Netherlands, 1955; recognized in 1964. Member National Lionhead Rabbit Club 18157182037, Rebecca Hoffing Two female rabbits will get along but males are always more territorial. 2005 and 2007- National Himalayan Convention Open BISs Pet store rabbits are more likely to be caged all day with little outdoor roaming time and much less socialization than animals found in shelters or rescues. 630-730-4232, Anna Tatum Call, Text, or Email me with any questions or to ask about rabbits for sale. (309)231-4172, Erik Dawson Along with cage, food, etc.. Lakewood, IL Chicago, Illinois Californian Freeport, IL Double C Rabbitry I just had a baby rabbit. We can also be found on Facebook! Buying a rabbit from a shelter which is already sterilized and in good health will save you money further down the track. My rabbitry is well ventilated and clean. Our rabbits are. (217)358-4706, Jerry Fisher We raise Mini Lop, French Lop and Californian for Meat, Pet and Show. Union, Illinois We feed several different vegetables daily, as well as hay, pellets, vitamins, and occasional treats. There are lots of places where you can buy pet rabbits ranging from commercial pet stores, animal rescues, shelters, professional rabbit breeders and specialty websites which help you find reputable rabbit sellers in your area. Plainfield, Illinois We have 2 Merle and 2 Classic Black pups left. (618)678-2836, Jim Matkovich each of my kidd0s raise a diffrent breed of show bunny. These pups will be played with and happy pups.All will hav.. Born new years day 2022. They are super soft with good personalities. And have some for meat too. I raise both Mini Rex and NZWs of show quality although I only show about once a year. Grant Park, Illinois New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants, Blanc de Hotots, Champagne dArgents, and Harlequins Oak Street Rabbitry These rabbits are not for sale! Since 2009 we have been raising and selling Holland Lops. Raising and showing rabbits for over 20 years. If you are looking for a nice Netherland Dwarf to show, breed or as a pet, take a look at our website. Sweet temperament. We have a 30 hole rabbitryWe have babies each and every month. Hidden Rock Rabbitry I showed for 3 years! All the rabbits here at The Bunny Garage are gentle and loving with most meeting ARBAs SOP. She is now 4 months old. Ritchie Dutch Rabbitry English Angora, Dwarf Netherland, Lionhead Also raising flemish giants for pets and livestock breeders. Maroa, Illinois Its better to purchase a rabbit at least four months old and the breeder you are purchasing from should be able to give you a date of birth and information on the rabbits parentage. One rabbit is a dwarf rabbit and he is around 10 years old., Patricia Ingalls 217-314-9017, Laurie Quinn DuQuoin, Illinois Our rabbits are all apart of our family, and we would like to share their love and personalities with you and your family. Flat Rock, IL Located about an hour south of Springfield. Opal, Castor, Otter, Martin, Seal, Tri, Hari, and Broken Standard Rexes (working on more chin genes and larger rabbits). xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxBuy Now, The rabbit is all black and young. I cant continue caring for her, I work too much and my boyfriend doesnt give her any attention. Batavia, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois, Troy Eisenmann Garden Bunny Farm Search filters. -this breed requires a wood flooring cage, because of there large body (wire will damage there feet). This allows us to help create high quality, healthy and friendly Flemish Giants. Hoopeston, Illinois Very friendly and loves people. Follow us @ Please tell me exactly what you desire., Joshua Shepherd Arthur, Illinois WildRiver Rabbitry Harlequin Magpie Variety and Lionheads Breeder of rabbits You can also ask for a written health guarantee for the rabbit you are purchasing. Mini Rex. BuckWild Rabbitry All are double maned and can be pedigreed. IM STARTING BACK IN TO MY RABBITS AGAIN AND AM GOING TO RAISE NEW ZEALANDS & CALIFORNIANS FOR MEAT &SHOW IF SOMEBODY NEEDS ONE FOR4H OR FFA I HAVE RAISED RABBITS FOR A LONG AND GOT OUT FOR AWHILE I WONT HAVE ANY TILL SPRING OF 2015 CALL IF U NEED ANY ASSITANCE IN PURCHASEING RABBITS ME AND MY WIFE WILL BE GLAD TO HELP U. This is more important if you are paying a few hundred dollars for a single rabbit. Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois Check out my website ( or my facebook page (Lambdins Rabbitry). Looking to breed, 2 year old male. I have raised rabbits for 9 years! Try to keep litters going throughout the year. We are registered with ARBA., Kelly Fennell Each rabbit also gets a special treat. Raes Rabbitry (217)737-2718, Theresa Greene, Alison Knabe That said, you should never leave a pet rabbit in a cage all day. We look forward to a call or an email, Facebook coming soon. If you dont find the rabbits that you are searching for in the state of Illinois, I suggest that you check out the breeders directories that we have assembled for the bordering states of Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin. Rabbits can become quite lonely if left in a cage all day without another rabbit for company. 3095503816, Darlene Price 2 Ads., Terry Walters, Ivana Green (309)737-1494, Breanne Kelsey Red Bridge Rabbitry The lines we work are: Karrot Kreek, thf Saynora, Camelot and Brocks Fallen Ears. BuckWild Rabbitry My largest varieties are black, blue, and broken in those colors. 618-557-3558, Jordan Yates Heritage farm featuring heritage breeds of various farm animals, including the Silver breed of heritage rabbits. We are a mid size rabbitry located in southern IL . Adopt SNOWFLAKE a White Other/Unknown / Mixed rabbit in Peoria, IL (36640915) Peoria, IL. Just starting out recently. FurSashe Harden rabbitry is a family run rabbitry located in Northern IL. Raising champagnes for show, breeding and meat, members of ARBA, Champagne Federation and active in 4H for many years, also have small side project of Jersey Woolies and occasionally offer these for sale. Metal cage is about 5 feet by 2 1/2 feet. Brier Patch Homestead strives to raise happy, healthy Show, brood, pet and meat quality rabbits. Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands Was a show bunny, in his younger hay days! We raise New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds. I sell pure breeds for $15 and crosses for $10 and I make deals on 3 or more I also sell good fryer rabbits for $5 not butchered! Big Red Rabbitry Her fur is white and Gray. New Zealand, White New Zealand & Californians Ive bean breeding Dutch rabbits since I was 12, mostly blues and chocolates, and my dad breeds New Zealand and the Champagnes for meet. Barry, Illinois Specializing in Quality Rare Breed Rhinelanders. Dont hesitate to ask for references or testimonials from other customers who have purchased rabbits from the breeder. Mini Lops, French Lops, Californians Rabbits sold in pet stores are more likely to have digestive problems from the stress of living in a pet store day after day with strangers and children poking at them all day. 2008- Home to the ARBA Convention and Group winner Himalayan Youth (815)219-0984, Arnie and Sue Schmidt Due to allergies, we have to find another home for him. Please contact for more details.View Detail, He love to hump you in your sleep and lick tittie if you want him to get friskyView Detail, 8 week old holland lip baby bunnies for sale. Aiming for litter size and quick growth. We raise California, New Zealand, Champagne, and Flemish giants. Rex, Mini Rex and Dutch Peoria, Illinois Big lovable Rabbits! Very good rabbits I have breeding stock for salecall if you need any, THANKS! Another option to buy a pet rabbit is to approach a professional breeder particularly if you are after a specific breed of rabbit. Due to allergies, we have to find a.. Our family has raised french lops for eight years., Raising Rabbits in Illinois: Recommended Books, (Click on any of the three books below to learn more), Dawn Bookwalter Ds Rabbits He surprisingly gets along with cats th.. 11-month, 3 lbs holland lop male bunny available for rehoming. (779)423-8861, Rita Koy One of my medium age rabbits was the father. P&B porknbees farm At Salem Exotics we have over 8+ years of experience with rabbits. Henderson Hutch Rabbitry Latest Rabbits for Sale in Illinois Classifieds. I would love to keep her but I just cant keep her in my apartment she is good around d.. Baby bunnies and mama bunny for sale and babies will be ready by January 10th.. AKC longhair cream male miniature Dachshund.. We mainly breed for meat. American Chinchilla, Californian I started my breeding program with stock from some of the best lines in the country. Dutch I am working on Chinchilla coloring in French Angoras. Also, a rabbit that is smaller in size and loves to play and be held by people. On occasion we also have Blue, Black, Castor & Opal in Self and Broken varieties. Lt. Brown., Levi Meurer Before approaching a rabbit breeder, its important to do some homework and find a professional breeder who has been proven to be reputable and only sells healthy rabbits. I raise the meat rabbits. Brier Patch Homestead Look over their cages and rabbit housing these should be clean, well maintained and the rabbits should look healthy and alert. Search from over 1000+ Active Ads in 10 Different Countries, Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware |Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky |Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi |Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico |New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania |Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah| Vermont |Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming, Alberta | British Columbia | Manitoba | New Brunswick | Newfoundland and Labrador | Northwest Territories | Nova Scotia | Nunavut | Ontario | Prince Edward Island | Quebec | Saskatchewan | YukonCountriesAustralia | Canada | China | India | Kenya | Malaysia | New Zealand | Nigeria | Pakistan | Philippines | South Africa | Sri Lanka | United Kingdom. We breed for show and for pets. A constantly twitching nose which is dry (and no mucus is present). All rabbits are raised without antibiotics Flemish Giant, Flemish, blue newzealands, mini Rex, mini lop We do not usually breed in the hot weather to preserve the health of our rabbits. We are currently raising Florida whites and lion heads. Tatum Rabbitry Texico, Illinois Small rabbitry in West Central Illinois. I mainly raise satins and do very well with them. Giant Chinchillas, Flemish giants, cross bred Wheaton, Illinois Smithfield, Illinois Ashton, Illinois This list is part of our state rabbit breeders index. Now taking non refundable deposit of $500.00 hold .. JRabbitry321 Oblong, Illinois New Zealand Red They get fresh water and exercise daily. The Lilac is among those rabbit breeds that are considered to be a heritage breed and rare by the American Livestock Conservancy. FurSashe Harden TRKs Rabbitry Rabbits are friendly and spoiled with treats. We are a Small scale farm that raises healthy happy rabbits for 4h and pets. Due to hardships at the beginning of 2021 we closed our business down and no longer raise and sell rabbits. Rhinelander, Rhinelanders, Flemish Giants & custom livestock lines Johnston City, Illinois My favorites are chocolate and otter. After you have selected your pet rabbit or pair of rabbits to buy, make sure you have purchased the initial supplies to set up your new rabbits home. Lionhead Mason City, Illinois French Angora, Flemish Giant Member Silver Fox Rabbit Club We didnt start put rescuing We only bred to show but the need for bunnies grew. We are currently growing our rabbitry and so far have Dutch, French Lop, and German Angora rabbits in a variety of colors. Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs M&T Rabbitry The Bunny Garage Our goal is to raise top quality show and 4H rabbits. Blue, Opal, Lilac, Lynx, Red, Sable, & Sable Point. Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, Japanese Harlequin and Mini Rex Thanks Dave Purebred mini rex rabbits. Byron, Illinois Ask them how they care for their rabbits and what type of post-adoption care they offer. Shiloh Rabbitry Lotso Bunnies Rabbitry 2174970276, Jessica Smith I have mainly stack cages but I do have one hanging cage. John can also be contacted at: 630-816-6803 I have 9 rabbits., Vitali Devocelle Safe Haven Rabbitry Clarendon Hills, Illinois (618)508-1800, Paula Church Flemish Giants Illinois. Silver (630)877-3683, Randy Wackerlin John Wheaton I only have four right now, but looking to expand fast. Great show quality New Zealand Reds breed by a small rabbitry. How to Buy a Pet Rabbit (Step by Step) Looking to find rabbits for sale in your area, start with RabbitsforSale or you can find rabbit breeders in your state by consulting Rabbit . (217)610-4311, Olivia Drabing Yorkville , Illinois I am a 4-h member and this is my first time breeding rabbits. Male rabbits are known as bucks and female rabbits are called does (as in a doe, a deer, a female deer). Check out my page Lirot Lops. Cuba, Illinois Meat and pet rabbits New Zealand. The French Angora are pedigree but the Flemish Giant are not. When choosing to buy a pair of rabbits, make sure the rabbits that you choose get along with each other. Show and pet quality absolutely adorable Jersey Wooly bunnies. Great pet. (773)710-3074, Monica Vargas 1 buck for $90View Detail, This is white and black with blue eyes 6 month bunny. Show and pet quality. Graces Signature Rabbits Dinky Acres Farm Rabbitry Farmer City, Illinois T&S Californians are strong Coffee line. (224)723-9746, Amy/Hailey Dote I have lines from all across the country from some of the top breeders. Small family owned Rabbitry in Texico (north of Mt. She has a calm temperament and is very friendly. Flemish Giant, Giant Blue Flemish We are a small rabbitry just getting started as of 2022. Silver Fox, Silver fox. We have roughly 10-20 rabbits. Rabbits need to be fed twice daily on average and you should make some time to talk to them and bond with them. Colors - More than 30 possible shades; Commonly fawn, chocolate, blue, white, gray, or agouti. 2172131522 Clyde Schlabach Arthur, Illinois Californians, New Zealand, French and English Lops Schlabach's Rabbitry Wanted to Buy Rabbits: Any size, Any color. Refine search with filters. Such as raptors, snakes large lizards etc Holland Lop (309)928-9460, Brenda Mann The orange bunnys name is Rinley and the grayish darker bunny is named Stella. French Angora I have flemish giants in fawn and sandy and black they range from ages 3 to 6 months. Both single and double mane. to check our availability- please follow us on, Instagram @ Zabrans Bunny Barn Mars Quality Rabbits Rowan Tree Rabbit Hole Rabbitry Father & Daughter duo and part of ARBA and CIRBA. We also raise poultry. The coat displays a slight coarse texture and when brushed . We have an indoor rabbitry that is air conditioned and heated ( although the heat usually doesnt get touched enough Body Heat) Bruno Farms Rabbitry Rex, New Zealand, German Angora Right now I have several Black, Castors and Chocolates for sale. (217)871-6140, Bobby Akins Rabbits reach sexual maturity from the ages of four months to six months, so unless you want a rapidly expanding rabbit family, its important to get your new bunny spayed or neutered. 951-776-9461. He weighed 3lbs 3oz at the veterinarian on .. She is a peaceful Bunny and she enjoys walking around the house after an hour she likes going back in her cage it's on her own.View Detail, 11-month, 3 lbs holland lop male bunny available for rehoming. We give all our rabbits loving homes. Our farm consists mainly of Californias that are white. Countryview New Zealand Rabbits Nanettes Lion Head Rabbitry 2177301542, Elisha Lynch McLeansboro, Illinois Email me, I almost Always have rabbits for sale. We are a small family rabbitry that started in 2020. Your rabbit hutch should include a nesting box where they can sleep and feel safe. Things to look for in your prospective new pet rabbit include: Bright eyes which are dry with no signs of mucus or discharge. Mansfield, Illinois We are actively involved in 4H. Dave Rigg Rex, Mini rex Mini Rex, Mixed They need land and fences to .. 8 week old holland lip baby bunnies for sale. Danielle Hoppers FemaleView Detail, Moving and cant take our bunny with us. Lionhead. We have litters all year long and raise Holland Lops for pets and show and Champagne dArgents for pets, meat and show. good with other rabbits and dogs. We have placed in the top 10 at both Holland Lop Nationals and ARBA Convention. Hudds Rabbitry Happy Hoppers Rabbitry I am a member of KIAM & ARBA, a two year director in KIAM presently. 217-495-1743, Michael William Its been successful to breed as well as house bunnies in need and recouping them for new homes. Ive won many BIS, RIS, best and best opposite varieties at nationals. Island lake, Illinois Bone Gap, Illinois We welcome all inquiries from fellow exhibitors, 4H members, and pet seekers. When you buy a pet rabbit you can expect to pay anywhere from between $50 to $200 or more for the initial purchase. New Zealand, all breeds Find us on Facebook! Two rabbits are 3 years old. Accomplishments: Looking to find rabbits for sale in your area, start with RabbitsforSale or you can find rabbit breeders in your state by consulting Rabbit Breeders which has comprehensive listings of rabbits for sale or adoption around the United States. Triple S Rabbitry Please Call 217-543-2302 I am a spinner and knitter as well. We raise a small bunch of harlequin and NZ rabbits mainly for pets. Our rabbits have a measured amount of pellets and get greens everyday. Tans and New Zealands Pearl City, Illinois Emma is described as timid a more. Looking forward to speaking with you. (309)201-0807, Gary Geerts My stock is selected on the basis of performance in the nestbox, hutch, show table, and meat tray. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Rabbit. So you need to make sure that the pair of rabbits you buy, can live together in harmony. Wadsworth , Illinois Small 20 hole Rabbitry Seymour Bunnies Shawve Angoras They will also only agree to rehome their rabbits to customers who can prove they will provide healthy and happy homes for the rabbits full lifespan. (217)720-9333, Cindy Bankes Holland Lops & Lionheads Check or for pricing and availability. Holland Lop Standard Rex Rabbits I have pedigreed NZs and Cals . Crystal Lake, IL I Raising Champion Rabbits for Show, Pets, And Meat. Located in Sandwich, IL. Griggaville, Illinois, Haley Latona Its a female shes really sweet and she loves to be carried, I cant keep her because Ive developed an allergy I would love to find her a home where she will be loved and care for.View Detail, Elsa is a fun loving energetic bunny who worships her owner Im selling her and the hutch with hay and litter for 250$View Detail, The rabbits are 3 months old, and are nice with new people. (630)649-3108. Carrier Mills, Illinois New Zealands, Standard Rexes, Mixes Will lunge and nip when stressed. Our rabbits are housed in a well ventilated barn, heated and air conditioned. StaffordPedigreerabbits They need a similar amount of care to a pet cat or dog in terms of food and training. Our first recommendation is that you dont buy your new rabbit from a commercial pet store. Lifespan - 8 to 10 years. Colchester, Illinois They do however love being petted and a happy rabbit which is accustomed to human contact may not object to a stranger petting it. Martinton, IL Macedonia, Illinois FireStorm Rabbitry Canton, Illinois Please call for more information. Specializing in Japanese Harlequins and Siamese Satins. 217-440-9102, Nick Duda Cissa Park, Illinois My family has been raising show quality rabbits, for generations., Tom Throop We take in rescues also. Ashley, Illinois Just because they are small animals doesnt mean that they are low maintenance. It comes with cage, toys and food.View Detail, I'm selling my bunny because I don't have time to take care of her. Activity - Low. Price is negotiableView Detail, Born new years day 2022. We .. White/Grey lop bunny for sale (almost 2 years old), large cage, large bag of hay, large b.. We brought home this beautiful Lilac Holland Lop at 10 weeks old from a local Rabbitry to.. Pedigreed holland lops are 8 weeks old La Place, Illinois My address is 1302 County Road 345 E, Albion, Illinois 62806. The baby was born June 29, 2012. We are dedicated to the shaded group, Sable Point,Siamese Sable,Siamese Smoke Pearl, and the Himalayans. Mini Aussiedoodles! (618)426-1041, Brenna Chatterton Our show rabbits and breeding stock will all come with a pedigree. We focus on raising up quality new zealand rabbits in chicago, illinois. Once they are desexed, this territorial fighting behavior is less likely, but still possible. D&B Rabbitry Find Cats. We breed Holland lop lionhead cross breeds, with a variety of colors and markings. Along with cage, food, etc The Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originating in the Netherlands. ..Florida whitesand black NZ for show and meat. Lee County, Illinois Champagne D Argents, New Zealand whites, Crossbreds

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