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Craig ..myself all the band members who play this music are truly blessed!! Beach Music is the Tams, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, The Drifters, Ocean Drive Beach, The Castaways on Thursday Night in Greensboro, NC. im proud to call myself a good son of the beach (well, maybe daughter!). I loved it, it was BEACH MUSIC! They OWNED the Magic Attic in Myrtle Beach and electrified the South's biggest teen club for a dozen years. The third disk "Live at the Roxy" is good as far as live albums go, the production is better than you would expect from an indy release. Beach Music Life,Love and the NOT the pursuit of Happiness but Happiness! The downtown area sees the addition of amusement park rides near the pavilion, and a paved, concrete walkway replaces the former wooden boardwalk. Every time that we have done that the dance floor become packed with dancers. We moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in '84 and my Sugarcreek vinyl went with me. Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2004. It makes no difference their size or features. My children were raised on Beach music.Its party music that makes you feel alive with an urgency to dance. Theres just nothing to compare to beach music and Motown as far as I am concerned. My father learned how to shag at White Lake in the late 40s and he and my mom would have dance parties at our house with the neighbors while I played the records on the single play RCA. Now, I am living in Georgia and introducing beach music to my 4 girls!! I walked over to the jukebox, played Doris Troy Just One Look, and they started clapping, grabbed some money off the table and asked me to play some more BEACH MUSIC! Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2005. Its the music I played for my kids when they were young, just to plant the seed (it worked). Beach music is HOME, To borrow a quote from General Norman Johnsons website, Musical trends come and go, but for more than fifty years, Beach Music has been as steady as the Atlantic Oceans flow to its southeastern beachfronts,. , Date First Available Unfortunately, I still longed for a perfect digital copy. The Rainbow was an awesome ride, especially in the daytime, you could see miles of ocean. Dirty South: 1 set: Dirty South Rap: 1 set: Gangster Rap: 1 set: Hip Hop: 1 set: Pop Rap: . I read one of the comments about the Spanish Galleon and the back deck and it made me go back so many years. Oh where to start.beach music is a feeling you get when you hear it. Christian Music Festival, Coastal Uncorked, The Native Sons Salt Games, Myrtle Beach Oktoberfest and the Sunday Celebrations concert series, but nothing with the impact of this new event. Beach music is the alternative to slaming over driven sounds of today. It is now gone along with the rest of the. The second iteration of the pavilion burns to the ground on Dec. 28, 1944. I love beach music! Makes me smile, anytime, anywhere! It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Though often accurately aligned with the shag dance, Beach Music and the shag are not synonymous, as not all Beach Music can be shagged to and much of what is shagged to is not Beach Music. Cannonball at Magic Attic, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. I now work with FAB (Fat Ammons Band) and many other beach bands providing sound systems & Bus as needed. Its the feel good music that you can never get enough off. The Pavilion's Attic: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States: Top Genres. Keep playing it pleasethere are plenty of fans and listeners out here. Started going to the Pavillion in the early sixties and got my first Embers album as a gift in 1964. Been going there all my life. Beach Music is a lifestyle. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Also cant wait for the next SOS and dance on all you wonderful shaggers. This went on for several summers until I was 18 at which time the Pad was winding down but the Barrel and the Spanish Galleon were cranking up. Can you tell me if there is any available and where I can buy it? Soothsayer will stick in your brain and have you tapping your foot all day, and American Girls is one of the best Rock Anthems ever. A similar ride is still in operation today at nearby Family Kingdom amusement park. Singing Group. I will agree beach music is a type of music that is different it has its own language when you listen to it you cant help but start dancing but beach music we have like a different type of dance it is like being on the beach listening to the waves come in and go out and your body does the same your feet your hips your whole body Moves In and Out and swirls like the ocean as it has its own sound but when you mix both of them together you have beach music and it is totally awesome you dont have to be a Surfer to appreciate it but the music is far out so lets do a little shagging. There are times that when I hear a beach song and its cold outside, it warms my insides. Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2003. GOD BLESS !! I grew up on the NC coast, and have recently moved back, for good. I was lucky enough to know the original guys personally and even got in free and got to go backstage. As a family, we loved playing skee-ball and playing the baseball machines. Beach Music is FUN Music!!! I would not take anything in exchange for my Beach Music lifestyle. And you might also get help in the I remember going to the Galleon every Fri.& Sat. Catch their music, it will bring back the 80's. Even though it wasnt Beach Music as such it was a song that was part of usalways played at those parties we went to growing up right along with the beach tunes. Im broke. If you are a fan of 80's metal & pop you HAVE to get this disc set! You enjoy music, the beach, a cool drink and your friend all at the same time!! Etc.Etc As soon as I hear it I feel like a teenager. The Band broke up in the early 90's. At that time, oceanfront lots sell for $25, and buyers receive an extra lot if they build a house valued at $500 or more. My husband & I learned how to shag dance this past year and my husband David (45 years old) has never fast danced he would only slow dance with me. "Rock the Night Away", the second cd in the collection is good too, it just doesn't have the same sound as "Fortune". No matter where you are or what youre doing, when the music starts playing your feet automatically begin to move. It is the cause of many of my friendships from Jimmy Smith, Keith Houston, Freddie Tripp, Buddy Johnson ect. Here is what other have to sayFeel free to add your comments to the list. Loved the parade that would go thru the park!, Had so many fun times there and I will never forget The Rainbow ride!, Going dancing at the Magic Attic to Sugarcreek does anyone remember?, Playing skee ball and getting ice cream. Listening to the Tams, The Drifters and all the great bands. I believe they didn't make it because they tried to improve on a perfect sound. Back when Ocean Blvd. Chicken Hicks was a dancer, he is forevermore enshrined in the Shaggers Hall Of Fame at Ocean Drive Resort in N Myrtle Beach,SC.Chicken Hicks traveled around the southeast as a judge of shagging competitions until he passed away in 2004. MS - Dannys Yazoo City, MS - Sonny's Myrtle Beach, SC - The Magic Attic Myrtle Beach, SC - Mama Gilberts (Kings Road) Myrtle Beach, SC - Castaways Myrtle Beach, SC - The Danger Zone Myrtle Beach, SC - Apple Annie's Dayton . Other forms of music come and go, but beach music is here to stay. and try to keep up with all the music. The fanatics must wake up and leave their dancing shoes on their feat, everyone must support the artists we love by buying CDs (not asking a DJ or friend to make a copy of a copy), go to concerts, pay the artists & DJs a professional wage and just relax someits not a competative fasion is simply a wonderful genre of the best heartfelt music ever that compliments so many others styles of dance. With more than 10 million visitors per year, we aim to provide users with the most comprehensive vacation planning guide for the Myrtle Beach area with more than 1,000 hotels, restaurants and attractions. SugarCreek rocked the East Coast for 16 years. During the winter back in Charlotte the big hang out was the Cellar. Though it is never proven, many believe it is one of these fires which causes the demise of the wooden structure. A co-worker belonged to the Va Beach Shag Club and played tapes at her desk. For the past 40 years it has been a state of mind. Please try again. The Platters with some original members such as Herb Reed. Beach Music is always played in the state of mind where it always makes you feel good and ditto to big D. A cold beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow. To capture the nostalgia of the park and what made it so special, we asked our fans what they remembered most fondly about the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. Beach Music IS that song you hear sitting on the deck dinking a beer at summer sunset. The Rondells were one of the earliest beach groups with a full brass section about the time of Chicago and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Joe, liked these comments. The pyro at the beginning messed up my color balance and fixes itself a few. My heart swells just thinking about it!!! Blast! Beach music is that low down funky soul music that John R played on WLAC, Nashville in between those commercials for Ernies Record Mart and Silky Staight Pommade when I would have my transistor radio under my pillow hoping my parents wouldnt hear it. Eating ice cream and watching the traffic go by, those were childhood memories, and I remember riding the rides as well!, I miss The Pavilion!! From 1980 - 1987, Sugarcreek played at the Magic Attic in Myrtle Beach, S.C. As soon as I here the faintest strains of one of my favorite songs, I find my mind racing back to days at the beach with friends and family. They were BBQ with lettuce, finely shredded cheese & a tomato wedge Not like the tacos that are served these days!, We always rolled into Myrtle Beach on the street beside the rides, and we were always excited to see the Pavilion. My song I GREW UP ON THE BEACH talks about standing outside the lattice on the ground at The Pad, not quite old enough to get in and being mesmerized by the sounds I was hearing. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. HARD ROCK PARK 211 George Bishop Parkway Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 This new Rock & Roll-themed amusement park, located at Fantasy Harbour along US 501, opened on April 15, 2008, and closed Sept. 24, 2008-- lasting not even a single year. Catch their music, it will bring back the 80's. To me beach music embodies great music, great friends, lots of spirits and a lifestyle that will last many many more years. Their incredible talents even landed them on the Star Search competition, before American Idol was a thought! Myrtle Beach SC Gay Dolphin Amusement Park and Boardwalk Aerial 1960s Postcard. Once in a while, 102.5 The Shark would throw in a beach tune and played 4 hours of CBM on Sunday evenings. It motivates me like no other recreation. Going through my teen years in the 60s I for some reason had a liking for the particular sounding songs which later became known as beach music. You have ~songs to shag to, those so tender you wanna cry songs~ you have put on your boogie shoes disco songs~even a twang of country..but, with a general theme in mindMEMORIES!I think ,The Tams song says it all~~Be Young, Be Foolish,But Be Happy!~~Even if only in your mind ~~. And for all the artist, please dont stop makin me feel young. Beach Music & Shag Dancing will still long be herewhen we are all gone . Beach Music, to me, is a combination of a good beat, memorable lyrics, hearing a song that makes it impossible to keep your feet still, happy times listening to yout favorite song on the radio or in a club, shagging or slow dancing with your special one to your song, remembering where you were or what you were doing when you heard a particular song for the first time (or maybe what you were doing when you heard that song), the friends you make as a member of the industry or as a fan of the music, good times, watching the sunset while listening to the music pour out from the OD Pavilion or your radio, Wynonnie Harris, The Dominoes, The Chairmen of the Board, Jackie Wilson, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Fantastic Shakers, Band of Oz, Catalinas, Entertainers, Bill Deal & The Rhondels, Embers, Drifters, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, Cloavers and all the other great bands in this industry, the memories associated with these aforementioned topics, and probably a couple of hundred other things I forgot. I first heard Beach Music when I was living in Birmingham, AL during the 1980s. Country Bands. I miss it!!! Many of the Cellar Rats were fixtures at OD as well beginning with Easter, Mothers Day, and throughout the summer until Labor Day. I love the song My Girl and will always remember the Pavillion.!!!!!! To me Beach music makes me thing of younger days when the Spanish Galleon was just a little hole in the wall but boy did I ever have good times there, especially after my high school graduation. And, not to forget that feeling in the pit of my stomach on the way down., I loved the crazy mirrors, and I ate my first slice of pizza ever there! Feet git to moving, No matter how old you are this music allows, no it commands you to be Young be Foolish and be Happy and so you shall! In my many years I have met some of the most wonderful people there are thru various beach music eventsits like u have known them all your lifeBeach Music is happy soulful musicit keeps you young. The ride was a 3,800-foot-long, hybrid-structure coaster that featured an out-and-back style layout with 14 turns, a 100-foot drop, and a top speed of 55 mph. The pavilion adds its first steel roller coaster, the Corkscrew. It takes you back to a time when life was simpler and time moved at a much slower, relaxed pace. So did I during the summers in college, when I lived right behind The Pad. maro 11, 2023. Mother's Finest Alex Cooley presents Champagne Jam 1979 - Jul 7, 1979 Jul 07 1979; Mother's Finest Capital Centre, Landover, MD - Jul 26, 1979 Jul 26 1979; Last updated: 24 Feb 2023, 23:10 Etc/UTC. Field at Pelicans Ballpark. We danced on sand spread all over the patio that night to the Catalinas Little Red Book.Thats where I fell in love, with both of them! Grand Strand Marketing Group503 Sea Mountain HighwayNorth Myrtle Beach, SC 29582843-280-9000, 2023 Grand Strand Marketing Group - All Rights Reserved -. Also known as Magic Attic Club Dec 9 1991 I signed up for shag lessons, but discovered that Im not a dancer.never got past the basic steps. And the real treasure is the studio track "Lovely Little Lady" which is a really fun tune that is similar to the music found on "Fortune". I remember at around the age of 14 noticing all the music that flowed out of The Pad and looked forward to the day that I could get myself inside. The new Myrtle Beach Pavilion building, built of poured concrete to withstand winds up to 150 mph, officially opens. Well, beach music to me simply reminds me of home. Still remember the dances at the Burlington City Pool and at the Y. So keep it coming & Thank you!!!! Nothing like going to SOS dancing all night and laying on the beach all day. The ride is scrapped except for the trains, which are sold to Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. : Mar 11, 2016 - Myrtle Beach Pavilion in the 60's - and the Magic Attic. There is nothing better. The setlist was:2:39 - Separate Ways by Journey6:41 - Top Of The World by Van Halen10:34 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love by Van Halen14:14 - Uncle Tom's Cabin by Warrant20:04 - Lil' Hearbreaker (Original)23:24 - Enter Sandman by Metallica30:23 - In The Still Of The Night by Whitesnake36:48 - Piece Of Me by Skid Row40:00 - Man In The Box by Alice In Chains44:37 - Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses5019 - Mama I'm Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne54:37 - You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DCBilly Smith - VocalsKip Gaudette - GuitarsMike Owens - GuitarsRusty Gwaltney - BassDarrell Akers - Drums I am told that I have always loved beach music because that is what my Mom listened to while I was in vitro! It is when i feel like i am free and living. We had so much fun. is the Grand Strands largest privately- owned tourism portal. When people ask me what it is having never heard it before I just say, think of it as Motown with a little sand. Why? Beach Music is to me the stuff I listened to back in the 60s and 70s down at Atlantic Beach, NC The Pavilion, The Embers Club, The Jolly Knave. Beach Music was and is music from the late 60s , Big Ways Radio in Charlotte, splitting a six pack from Hickory, to Charlotte to the World Famous Cellar on a Saturday nite. I introduced Sugarcreek to anyone who would listen and it instantly became the music of choice whenever my friends and I would hang out at the beach on a Saturday night. The market for Beach Music seams to be in a mode of self destruction because of fanatic behavior.

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