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1965 jeep m677

Jesse or Andrea (602) 321-3675, 1964 Willys/Kaiser FC170/ M677 More Information . The M677 (Type II) was a four-door crew cab pickup with the same 103" wheelbase as the M676. Private The trucks were originally powered by a 3 cylinder supercharged Diesel engine by Cerlist with about 85 HP that couldnt get out of its own way. Continue reading . Speedhut gauges were used to give an updated look to the dash while a brand new chassis harness and accessory wiring were run through a dual sPOD Bantam set up with dual Odyssey batteries and XS Power cables. (04/10/2020) Tucker spotted thisproject. Brush guard bumper with lifting eyes These were driven every 4-6 weeks to keep seals from leaking and fluids changed every 3 months regardless of use. The bumpers on the M677 are slightly modified Rampage Products armor while Amp Research steps allow for easy access for entry into the rear doors and the bed steps help grab gear from the bed. It is missing all of the military blackout lights.. After I take them out to allow a test dive photos will be available. google_color_text = "003366"; project, but a variety of Bring your FC items, toys, memorabilia, photos, artwork, literature, and manuals to display.